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As we shift to a 'New Normal' equipped with Masks, Safety Kits and Perennial Care for each other, the team thanks you all standing with us in #TravelforTomorrow and showing enormous love and belief throughout

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COVID 19 Preventive and Safety Measures

  • Physical Distancing is being followed in all guest rooms and common areas including restaurant and elevators
  • Appropriate Personal Protection Gears like Face Masks, Gloves, Face Shield Hand Sanitizers are available in all areas for Guest as well as Staff use
  • Only Asymptomatic Guest as well as Staff are allowed inside the Hotel premises
  • All Staff, Guests are allowed into the Hotel only if using Face Masks. Personal Protection Gears from ouside the Hotel are disposed at the entry and guests are handed over with fresh gears post sanitization of Hands, Footwear and required Temperature Check. Use of Face Masks inside the Hotel premises is Mandatory
  • All Baggage are Disinfected before being brought inside the premises
  • Contactless processes like Online Registration Forms, Digital Payments, etc. have been adopted
  • Practice of collecting guest details like Travel History and Medical Conditions is being followed
  • Separate Entry and Exit for Guests, Staff and Goods/Supplies has been organized to maintain Physical Distancing
  • Precautions are being taken while handling supplies, inventories and goods at the hotel with proper Queue Management and Disinfection
  • Room Service is being encouraged instead of Dine-in for assuring least contact between Guests and Staff
  • Electronic and Disposable Food and Beverage Menu are being offered for One Time Use Only 
  • All Rooms and Common Area Air Conditioners are set ad ranged between 24 - 30 degree celsius according to the CPWD guidelines along with intake of fresh air and adequate cross ventilation
  • All Touch Points (Door Knobs, Elevator Buttons, Hand Rails, Washrooms Fixtures, Seating Areas, Etc.) are regularly Cleaned and Disinfected in all Guests as well as Common Areas
  • Rooms as well as all Service Areas are being sanitized each time a Guest leaves
  • Proper Disposal of Face Masks, Shields, Gloves left over by Guests as well as Staff is being ensured
  • Co-ordination with Local Authorities and Medical Officers for any update of all Guests and Staff Health along with  Isolation Room available in case of Suspect or Confirmed Case in the Premises. Followed by Disinfection of the entire premises